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Grow Lighting Solutions

For High-PPFD Cultivation

Engineered lighting solutions for optimum plant growth.

Our LED grow lights are high-performance top-lighting solutions for commercial horticulture cultivation.

They have been specifically designed for growers to push the envelope with high-PPFD cultivation practices.

Grow Lighting

Custom Engineered Lighting Solutions

Maximizing photon delivery to your plants, while optimizing overhead costs.

Specially engineered for professional usage. Not intended for beginner growers or facilities without CO2 supplementation.


Product Name
  • Wattage: 640 / 660 / 720
  • Voltage: 120-277, 120-347
  • PPF: 1792 / 1848 / 2016μmol/s
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Product Name
  • Wattage: 960
  • Voltage: 120-277, 120-347
  • PPF: 2688μmol/s
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